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AthleteTrax wins $21,000 from George Washington University’s business plan competition

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2012 NFL season

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The competition is a platform for Kenyans with outstanding businesses or ideas to showcase their innovations through written business plans. The business plan competition is regarded as the biggest competition currently promoting entrepreneurship development in Kenya and is supported by ILO, the Safaricom Foundation, Inoorero University and.

THE BUSINESS OF THE NFL. As the most popular of the four major American professional sports leagues, the NFL is an industry unto itself. $ billion Combined value of NFL’s 32 teams That’s more than the national GDPs of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Jamaica and more than other countries.

The first two games were convincingly won by the NFL's Packers, the last two by the AFL's New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, leaving the leagues even at in "Championship" competition when they subsequently merged.

By 4 p.m. ET Saturday, every NFL roster was officially cut down to 53 active players. In order for that to happen, well over 1, players lost their jobs in about a hour stretch.

Troy Vincent, Executive Vice President of Football Operations, informs the business of the NFL through the unique lens of his previous roles as a player, a player’s union president, and the Senior Vice President of Player Engagement.

Enablis: Best Advice on Writing Your Business Plan

He employs the highest standards to enhance and preserve football and its value to society. The Business Plan Competition, an initiative of Enablis Entrepreneurial Network, Ghana, is an annual event, which has been in existence for the last three years.

Enablis business plan competition 2012 nfl
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