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Wealth inequality is now overtaking income inequality as the burning issue of the day. · Johannesburg - Several senior police officers investigating Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir and some of his alleged victims are believed to have been the targets of murder plots.

Encrypted iPhones and iPads taken by the police from four alleged hitmen last week are said to contain detailed 4 AugHeadline News covering Business, Sports, Entertainment, Technology and Style from around the world brought to you by 15 Minute News Israel Accepts Egyptian Cease-Fire Plan Time - 4 Aug Desai Luphondo, the court heard.

Read More. 0. views. 0. likes. Search on for teenager swept away by current CTV News - 4 Aug. Judge Collin Lamont found Krejcir, Desai Luphondo, Warrant Officer Samuel Modise Maropeng, Jan Lefu Mofokeng and Siboniso Miya guilty of the attempted murder of Bheki Lukhele.

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Bail plea judgement in Krejcir plot

· Miya is the fifth accused in the case, alongside Krejcir, Desai Luphondo, and Hawks warrant officers Samuel "Saddam" Maropeng and Jeff Nthoroane. Also yesterday, Owen Serero appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on nine charges of vehicle

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"Skin peeled off my head" - Krejcir kidnap victim testifies - All 4 Women